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There are a number of ways you can get Coyote & Crow products or support us as a company. See below for links and descriptions. First, for physical products, check with your friendly local hobby game store. If they don’t carry Coyote & Crow, they should be able to order from their distributor, anywhere in the world.


Our webstore is a great way to get all of our games, supplements and merchandise. You can get numerous digital and physical products there, including by not limited to:

  • Our core RPG book and the PDF version of it
  • the Coyote & Crow Story Guide Screen
  • Naasii: A Coyote & Crow Dice Game
  • Hemlock And Sage, the digital edition of our first novel
  • The Foundry VTT edition of our game

You can visit our webstore here: Coyote & Crow Webstore


At DriveThruRPG, you can find a number of things:

  • The Coyote & Crow RPG core rules in PDF
  • Coyote & Crow Fireside. This is where folks can buy, create, and sell their own Coyote & Crow stories, adventures, characters, gear and more.
  • Hemlock And Sage, the digital edition of our first novel

You can find our page on DriveThruRPG here: Coyote & Crow on DriveThruRPG


The full Virtual Tabletop implementation of our RPG, Coyote & Crow, can be found on Roll20, along with other purchases for the Roll20 Marketplace.

You can find it here: Coyote & Crow Roll20 Marketplace


On Amazon, you can find many of our games and products. While we’d prefer that folks order through our webstore or other means, like your local game shop, we understand that Amazon is sometimes the best or only option for folks.

You can find a full list of our products on Amazon at our Amazon publisher page: Amazon Publisher Page