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Hey folks! This is where I’ll list currently available opportunities to work for or partner with Coyote & Crow and help us publish great games and content. A few things I want to cover right out of the gate that are relevant to all current and future positions:

  • Native Americans/First Nations folks of all experience levels are encouraged to apply for any/all positions they feel they’re qualified for.
  • Non-Natives are welcome to apply for any positions that aren’t called out as Native only positions.
  • We pay at least competitive rates for the hobby game industry and we strive to pay better than the average.
  • All positions are remote/work from home and are short term contract positions.
  • Please pay close attention to the application process (ignoring it will move you to the bottom of the list).
  • We prefer folks working within the United States but will consider applicants outside of the US, unless otherwise specified.
  • We’re open to partnerships with other companies – publishers, merch, non-profits, etc. If you feel your organization has a great idea or opportunity, please do get in touch with us.

Story Guides And Event Runners

We’re looking for folks that are interested in volunteering to run events at conventions for Coyote & Crow. These may or may not be conventions or events where Coyote & Crow has a booth or official presence. Primarily, we’re interested in folks that are enthusiastic about running one-shot events, for experienced players, and more importantly, new players. We may provide you with specific Stories to run, but you’ll also have some leeway in telling your own, with approvals. Volunteers will get access to swag and other perks not available to the public. In addition to Story Guides, there may be other opportunities as well. If you’re interested, please fill out THIS FORM.

Writers & Artists for Expansion Books

In short, we’re looking for folks to self-assemble teams to present expansion book options for Coyote & Crow. You can read the full blog post HERE.