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Six New Characters for Coyote & Crow

The Moon Six, or Hanawi Sakpi as they are known in Chahi, are six new characters we’re introducing to the world of Coyote & Crow. They’re a family (chosen and blood) of misfits with a wide range of backgrounds and personalities.

They’ll be appearing across multiple mediums in the future – from Stories for the RPG and elements within tabletop games, to things like in-game fiction, novels, merchandise, and more! We’ll release further details about these characters incrementally. For now, we want to share the basics with you, including some character art from Sadekaronhes Esquivel!

Tegha Asegi: 
Aliases: Hani Chizi
Archetype: Seeker         Path: Falcon
Age: 23           Motivation: Curiosity

Background: Son of Deta Lasti, romantic partner of Kaathipa, and best friend of Pim, he is the modern Cahokia citizen, always wearing the latest fashions and tech. A musician and performer at heart, he is joyful, kind, handsome and curious to a fault. He’s also the soul of Hanawi Sakpi.

Things of note: He won’t go anywhere without his dasu gear and instruments to accommodate his musical storytelling live streams for which he’s gaining an increasing audience.
Deta Lasti:
Aliases: Half-Ear
Archetype: Warrior         Path: Bison
Age: 63               Motivation: Family

Background: Member of an outlawed clan, Half-Ear is the literal and figurative father of Hanawi Sakpi. Quick to anger, he is fiercely protective of everyone else in the Six and often acts before he thinks.

Things of note: Half-Ear is easy to spot, with his pure white hair, distinctive ear, and the charms he keeps around his neck - one for every child of his. He is also a tobacco connoisseur and lets everyone see the massive war club he keeps within easy reach.
Uwasa Hilunu:
Aliases: Toy Breaker, Two Hands, Sweet Teeth
Archetype: Tinkerer           Path: Owl
Age: 41        Motivation: Acceptance

Background: Sister to Deta Lasti and auntie to the whole group, she has two cybernetic arms she’s built for herself and shows them off proudly. She has a secretive past and is a calming influence on Deta. She’s known for her lascivious side.

Things of note: Her custom drone is almost always hovering nearby and Uwasa is constantly building, buying, or taking apart the latest piece of technology. She’s got a tool or a double entendre for every situation.
Kaathipa Wazi:
Aliases: None
Archetype: Scout                Path: Fox
Age: 25             Motivation: Idealism

Background: Kaathipa is in a romantic relationship with Tegha. She is a child of the woods and harbors a lot of animosity toward technology. Her instincts are to not trust anyone who isn’t in the Six. Because of her physique she’s often mistaken for a professional athlete.

Things of note: Kaathipa carries an intricate bow handed down from her ancestors. She’s often barefoot and eschews makeup or jewelry outside of her earrings. While small in stature, her forceful demeanor often makes her stand out in a crowd.
Aliases: Pim
Archetype: Healer           Path: Crow
Age: 24            Motivation: Heroism

Background: Best friend to Tegha, and transplant to Cahokia from the Ti’Swaq Alliance, they often feel like an outcast. They are deeply connected to animals and have a strict moral compass. They are driven to change people’s views of them.

Things of note: While Sasan loves being in the company of the Six, especially Tegha, they often prefer  their companions, a dog and a crow. Sadly, the crow and the dog often do not get along with each other.
Watomi: Aliases: None(?) Archetype: Whisperer Path: Raccoon Age: 28? Motivation: Acceptance Background: Watomi feels like the Six are his adopted family and he’d do anything for them. He strongly feels that kindness and dialogue can overcome any conflict. Many of the Six go to him for comfort or confidences. Things of note: Watomi uses tech and clothing to cultivate an air of mystery, often lurking in the background as a way to asses situations before inserting himself. He always carries a holo-mask which helps either disguise him, or hide his true emotional state.