Em Matson - Ojibwe Writer and Editor

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Em Matson - Ojibwe Writer and Editor

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Boozhoo! I'm Em Matson, I'm a Two Spirit editor, writer, and storyteller of the Sault Ste Marie Chippewa tribe. My work on Coyote & Crow includes editing the core book and writing additional adventures.

I have 7+ years of professional editing experience, with an emphasis on creating clear and focused writing. I have experience with MLA, AP, and project-specific style guides.

I have 7+ years of writing experience. I lean more heavily towards speculative fiction and poetry, but I also write industry nonfiction such as press releases, articles, and other communication styles.

I really enjoyed editing this novel, as it was my first RPG editing experience, and I would love to do more work in the TTRPG space. The ability to utilize one of my lifelong passions of TTRPGs and my skills as a writer and editor was incredibly rewarding.

Email me at ematson0@gmail.com if you'd like to talk about a project, or if you'd like to see examples of my work.

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Re: Em Matson - Ojibwe Writer and Editor

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Em is an invaluable asset to Coyote & Crow and I highly recommend them. It wouldn't be C&C without Em.
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