A place to discuss and post Coyote & Crow costumes.
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This forum is for discussing and posting pictures for Coyote & Crow cosplay. Below you'll find a list of guidelines for posting here. Below that you'll find a list of guidelines we recommend regarding cosplay. We encourage cosplay from everyone and want to engage our community in a way that fosters fun, respect and understanding.

Please use the following guidelines when posting here:
  • Please use respectful language
  • Treat others with kindness first. Impolite behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Please keep this forum family friendly.

When dressing up as a character (or your character) from Coyote & Crow, please observe the following:
  • NEVER alter the color of your skin
  • NEVER mimic real world Native clothing or jewelry that isn't part of your own tribal identity or heritage
  • NEVER mimic linguistic or language behaviors that you believe are connected to real world Natives
  • DO use the art and writing you've seen in Coyote & Crow to spur your imagination
  • DO feel free to embellish or go beyond what's "official" in Coyote & Crow and come up with your own ideas for costumes and accessories that you'd like to see in this world
  • DO look to futurism, cyberpunk, and science fiction for inspiration in your designs
  • DO look to real world Indigenous cultures for your inspirations, but do not copy anything directly unless you are a part of that culture
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