What items absent from core will you add?

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What items absent from core will you add?

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So we have a Sci-fantasy setting and some really cool items are in the book. They talk about some items that are missing and give some reasons why. But what science fiction (or just modern) items will you be adding to your world? Even though this isn’t a gear porn type setting, what’s missing for you?

I’ll be adding low light goggles. I’ll keep is separate from second eyes at the same wealth rating 4. If combined with second eyes, I’d bump to a 5. Negates darkness penalty.

Hover skate board. Yutsu lift, priced as a personal mobility device, rank 3 I think.

Also, refrigeration isn’t mentioned. It seems logical that with the world on ice, food preservation was less of a problem. Now that things are warming up, someone would have a desire to keep things cool again. Especially someone in southern free lands, Keetowagi or Dine Republic.

What’s going to be added to your world?
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