Pre-recorded music?

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Pre-recorded music?

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After a conversation with my cousin over the rulebook, we realized that the implications of all music being live. It means that there wouldn't be the kinds of remixes, dubstep, or repeater-based music that we're used to in our world.

So it got me wondering how such a world would treat an artist who tries to record their own voice and be a chorus all on their own. Would introducing an NPC attempting this be... proper? I think it could be an interesting way of displaying the culture, especially if it's explained why this type of music wouldn't go over well in Cahokia.

I'm thinking most of the backlash could be:

1. Most bands make their money by being unique in sound, as they can't own a song. Stealing their sound for your own might be deeply insulting, and maybe all involved want to nip this kind of thing in the bud?
2. A single voice able to mimic a whole band or community is unsettling at best and disgustingly egotistical at worst?
3. ???

I'm non-native, so while I'm trying to respect how much music means to a community, I understand that I'll come up short due to my current perspective. I earnestly want to craft this in a respectful way in the event that I get the courage to be a Story Guide for my friend group. Does anyone have any guidance or ideas on this?
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