Let's Build A Community

A place to talk about world building elements, history, adventures, Stories, Sagas and Tales in Coyote & Crow.
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Re: Let's Build A Community

Post by oliolioxenphree »

Hi everyone, I'm happy to see the forum is already getting attention. I'm really excited to get to know the game better and play it.
I'm non-Indigenous, grew up in Oneida (WI) and now live on Clackamas land in the PNW, though I'm working in Warm Springs currently. My field is language revitalization, but in practice I work more with traditions and culture in general.
I'm an amateur D&D/TTRPG player - never DM'd and my campaigns have always been few and far between. My favorite game is probably Dungeon World, though I've only played it once and have more experience with D&D 3.5e and 5e (and a little bit of VTM...)

It'll be refreshing to get another perspective as a player, especially one so meaningful. I'm looking forward to seeing how the worldbuilding and gameplay look! Similar to Martin, I'm hoping that this can help to encourage communities to reconnect with culture and language.
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Re: Let's Build A Community

Post by chrisshorb »

Hey -
Chris in Southern California, on what is Shmuwich (Barbareno) Chumash land, very likely unceded. Used this website to figure this out. https://native-land.ca/

Mixed race, white and Japanese, cis-male.
Been playing RPGs for a long time.
I'm one of those weirdos who not only likes to play RPGs, but also reads adventure modules for fun, like novels. (you can tell how old I am - I still call them modules)
I'm looking forward to the world-building of the core book. Not sure if I'll ever get it to the table - but I do like D12s :-)
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Re: Let's Build A Community

Post by Pexa »

Hi everyone!

Greetings from Finland. I have been playing TTRPGs for ... a long time with the same group of friends. I started with D&D, nowadays it's mostly Hârnmaster and the local Praedor system that we use. We have two active campaigns going on, both started 2005. Coyote & Crow seems like a very interesting idea, I'm mostly interested in the worldbuilding.
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Re: Let's Build A Community

Post by lanval »

Tawnshi, I am a non-indigenous person living in Treaty 1 territory, the traditional territory of Anishinaabeg, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota, and Dene Peoples, and the homeland of the Métis Nation.

I have been playing table-top rpgs since 1984 when I started playing D&D as a student at the University of Manitoba. Rereading the previous line, it dawned on me that it means 37 years of rpgs. Suddenly I feel old.

I'm am very excited about Coyote and Crow and I am looking forward to the game release.

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Re: Let's Build A Community

Post by Soutti »

I'm non-indigenous. Been playing various RPG since DnD v2. :)
I'm super excited about this RPG. So are my players. Also excited about the community being built around it. Can't wait.
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Re: Let's Build A Community

Post by Dudeling »

Greetings all! I am a non-indigenous player, having grown up in various indigenous lands, most of which I'm sorry to say I could not identify, though I do now live on unceded Duwamish lands in Seattle, and a proud payer of Real Rent.

I've been playing various RPGs since 1980, and in the late 80's/early 90's I discovered Shadowrun, and a large part of my fascination with that setting was the integral part the indigenous peoples of the Americas were involved in the back-history of the setting, as well as the "modern" storyline. When I learned about Coyote and Crow, it felt like this game was going to hit a sweet spot for me, with even greater involvement, but without the burden of such an accounting-heavy ruleset. I'm incredibly eager to introduce this game to my regular gaming group!
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Re: Let's Build A Community

Post by BirdMan »

Hello, Everyone.

My name's Rob and I live in Fremont, CA (Ohlone lands). I'm non-indigenous and have been playing Roleplaying games since I was a kid in 1977- mostly D&D. This is the first game outside of that system that has gotten me excited to learn a new game. It just sort of hit me like a bolt of lightning when I read about it. Not even sure If I'll have other players yet but I am looking forward to reading about the lore of the land and its people if nothing else and hopefully be part of the community build here.

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Re: Let's Build A Community

Post by ceaselessburnout »

Hey everyone! I'm non-indigenous and living on land stolen from the Tongva people. I've been playing, hacking, and occasionally building RPGs since I was ten and I'm so stoked to play Coyote and Crow with my friends.

A little bit about me: I'm a graduate student in physics (currently on medical leave for mental health issues :oops: ) and passionate about both science fact and science fiction. I also love running, history, and am a left-leaning anarchist. I also love writing, and actually have a blog about video games that I am not going to link to in case anyone figures out who I am :p

RPG-related facts: My favorite RPGs that I've played/run have been Eclipse Phase, FATE, and Vampire: the Requiem. I am not really a part of the larger community right now, as truth be told I don't feel comfortable as a trans person in a lot of RPG spaces. The closest I've gotten to giving back has been almost running a LARP in college (keyword almost) and Alpha testing a game I scrapped because it wasn't fun.

Anyways, as I said, I'm excited for Coyote and Crow! CB out :D
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Re: Let's Build A Community

Post by jolu »

Hello! My 5x great grandmother was Wakashan Kwak’wala, married to my white settler 5x great grandfather. I am a descendent still living not far from their homestead on Ahantchuyuk Kalapuyan land in the Pacific Northwest. I'm entirely new to the world of RPGs, and this project spoke to me deeply. I've been following updates with excitement and I'm looking forward to learning and hopefully finding a community to engage with. Thank you to the creators and artists and Indigenous leaders working hard to bring this to life!
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Re: Let's Build A Community

Post by PABadger »

I am excited to see the community for this game growing so rapidly. I am a non-indigenous cis male of Celtic, Germanic, and Scandanavian descent born on the traditional lands of the Pomo and currently living on traditional lands of the Kalapuya.
I'm a Critter and a fairly inexperienced TTRPG player, who has played a few different systems previously, all of them European-centric, with most of the individual games I've actually played so far being fairly unpleasant murder-hobo power fantasies for the other players. I've been excited about this game since I first found the Kickstarter, and am hoping to find a group of people, either online or in my local community, with whom I can play it.
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