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Donation Mission

One of our goals at Coyote & Crow Games is to get as many copies of all of our games into the hands of kids and folks who couldn’t otherwise afford to buy them, especially Indigenous youth. Whenever possible we work to find ways to get copies of our games to schools, reservations, libraries, community centers, and other places where they can do some good.


Our standalone tabletop board game, Wolves, is available for donations to schools, libraries, and community centers. These copies are provided free of charge, including shipping. There are a limited number available and while the form to apply is still up, there are still copies available. To apply for a copy please fill out this form. Donations are available to be shipped only to US and Canadian locations.

Coyote & Crow the Roleplaying Game

Current Status

There are books available for donation to schools, libraries, reservation libraries, community centers and other institutions where the book will be available to the public. We’d like these books to go to places where Indigenous communities are served, but we’ll consider other public institutions as well. Donations are shipped free of charge. Each institution is limited to one copy each. If you are an organization that would like more than one copy, please note why in your application and we will get back to you. Copies are only able to shipped to U.S. and Canada locations.

How To Obtain A Copy

**If you are part of the Canadian library system, please see exception below.

To obtain a copy of Coyote & Crow the RPG, free of charge, please fill out the linked form below. In order to be approved for a copy, you must be in line with all of these requirements:

  • The person filling out the form must be a part of the organization receiving the donation. This is very important and non-negotiable.
  • The shipping address must be in the U.S. or Canada
  • The organization cannot have already received a copy of the book
  • The book must be available to the public that the organization serves (no private libraries or similar)
  • The form must be completely filled out.

Once we’ve received the form, we’ll review it and contact you with any questions and/or a confirmation by email.



While Coyote & Crow Games are paying to ship these copies of Coyote & Crow to recipients, we can also accept donations to help offset these costs. If you would like to contribute to this, you can donate here: All funds donated will go directly to, and only to, paying for the shipping of our donation books.

Where Can You Find Donated Copies

Below is a current list of where you’ll be able to find donated copies of Coyote & Crow as well as non-donated publicly accessible copies of Coyote & Crow. This list is not exhaustive and will be added to as we receive information about where donations have landed. If there is incorrect or incomplete information here, please reach us at:

In addition to the individual locations listed below, you can also find copies at all 46 libraries and 33 schools of the Peace Library System in Treaty 8 territories of Canada. We’ve also supplied more than 100 copies of the book to prison library systems throughout the United States.

Akiing 8th FireLane Library
Allen County Public LibraryLapwai Community Library
Aquinnah Cultural Center Inc.Latah County Library District
Asotin County LibraryLucius Beebe Memorial Library
Bemis Public LibraryManning Municipal Library
Bessie Nichols SchoolMargate City Public Library
Blue Island Public LibraryMashpee Public Library
Bonfield Public LibraryMattawa Public Library
Bosler Memorial LibraryMcArthur Library
Broome County Public LibraryMedicine Spring Library
Burk’s Falls, Armour & Ryerson Union Public LibraryMeeker Middle School
Calgary Public LibraryMill Creek Middle School/Kent School District
Canmore Public LibraryMulvane Public Library
Capital Area District LibraryNaperville Public Library
Central Okanagan Public School #23Native American Youth and Family Center
Cherokee Nation Jack Brown Adolescent Treatment CenterNorth Bay Public Library
Clapp Memorial LibraryNorthwood Middle School
Clearwater Memorial Public LibraryOakcliff Traditional Theme Elementary
Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Libraryokimaw kihêw mêkwanak
Cottage Grove Public LibraryParkersburg & Wood County Public Library
Cross Cultural Gender Center American Indian Programs and ServicesPoplar Schools
Dayton metro library-Brookville BranchPowassan & District Union Public Library
Dearborn Public LibraryPueblo of Zia Education Enrichment Library
Diné College LibrariesRed Deer Public Library
Erie County Public LibraryRedwood City Public Library
Ferndale Area District LibraryRycroft Municipal Library
FHS Tabletop ClubScience Museum of Minnesota
Florence County Library SystemSexsmith Shannon Library
Fox Creek LibraryShoreline Community College, Ray Howard Library
George F. Johnson Memorial LibraryStony Plain Public Library
Gordon Neighbourhood HouseSundridge-Strong Union Public Library
Hawkins Middle SchoolThe Center of Wichita LLC
Houghtaling Elementary LibraryThe Lansdowne Public Library
John Adams Middle SchoolUlysses Philomathic Library
Kainai Public LibraryUrban Society for Aboriginal Youth
Kansas City Public LibraryWatsonville Public Library
Kenmore Branch Public LibraryWaukegan Public Library
Kent School DistrictWhite Plains Public Library
Kentridge High School LibraryWhitestone Public Library & Technology Centre
Ketchikan Indian CommunityWilson Middle School
Ketchikan Public LibraryWoodstock Collegiate Institute
kihew asiniy Education CentreYMCA Academy
La Conner School DistrictYukon Public Library
La Conner Swinomish Library


Below is a list of people who graciously donated books who wished to be credited or their wishes for how they would like their donation noted. Many people wanted their books donated anonymously and are not listed here. Information was transcribed, translated & edited to the best of our ability for consistency and accuracy. Certain non-English characters were not transcribed properly and we apologize. In those cases, please contact us if you would like us to use an alternate spelling for non-English characters or attempt to re-transcribe them.

7 Oaks Met SchoolJohn Cotto
A coyoteJohn David (J.D.) Dunn
A descendant of John WalkingstickJohn Fisher
A friend of Tsuut’inaJohn H. Grevstad
A HicksJohn Huff Williams
A resident of LenapehokingJohn Kiser
A Tuscarora Turtle relativeJohn Luiza, MD
A. CokerJohn Paul Kelley
Ó chairde i nGaillimhJohn Pyrich
ÉedaaJohn Ross
‘Trie BlasingameJon
“In honour of superstarâ€Jon Bradley
Aaron & Holli RicheyJon Kelley
Aaron LarsenJon Martin
Aaron WestJon Sanderson
Aaryn GoodwinJonathan “Buddha” Davis
Aasmund EldhusetJonathan Hansen
Abby GilbertJonathan Korman
Abigail Bruegl & Mya MillerJonathan Kyle Slater
Abigail LittlefeatherJonathan Yeung
Acacia DuncanJordan & Ben Deifik
Adam & Joseph Nestra-WestJordan & Savannah Beltramo
Adam FisherJordan Surie
Adam KratzJose Luis
Adam SnowballJoseph Augustus America
Adrien GouletJoseph Morris
Adventure DiceJosephine Lloyd
AeroscatheJoshua F. del Villar
Ailea Merriam-PiggJosie Lawrence Melton
Akil HarmonJulia Savoca Gibson
Al SmithJulie & Dannyn Qualls-Gibeau
Albert LopezJulie Allbeck
Alberta ThunderbullJune Williams
Alberto Ketsaltemok ZeferinoJust another lover of stories
Alejandro ChavezJust Regular Max
Alejandro CWJustin & Brynn
Aleta v.R. and Jamie T. Mendenhall-TurnerJustin B.
Alex & IsaacJustin Crawford
Alex & Taylor WhitedJustin Schonlaw
Alex JohnstonJustin Schultz
Alex OxthornJustine Barone
Alex VelasquezJynexia
Alexander RodriguezK. D. Bryan
Alexandra TengcoK. Kooda
Alexandria DelcourtKai “Wry” Davies
Alexandria Juliet KlineKaitlyn Marie Schi
Alexandyr Makani RycroftKane Anderson
Alfonso JaramilloKaren Condon
Alice MarksKaren J. Geneseo & Joseph A. E. Ivey
All My Relations CollectiveKaren Joy Rapach
Alleia TreemistKaren Rose Thomas-Stenner
Allen FamilyKarine Loiselle
Allison CrouchKasondra S.
Allonté BarakatKatarina Kubiniec
Alma BongartenKatherine & Nephi Allred
Alpine Book PeddlersKatherine Prevost
Alvarez FamilyKathleen Sgro
Alys BarbeKathleen Weiman
Alyssa & Raf QuintinitaKathleen Wood
Alyssa ValdezKatie Dresel
Amador DamasoKatja Kopp
Amanda SmelserKay El Moore
Amy MaleißKay Kakendasot Mattena
Amy RudbergKayla Dawson
An anonymous practitioner of table top RPGsKaylee deMelo
An Anonymous RogueKealeigh B
An Irish AmericanKeith “Danny” Wyatt
Ana & DiegoKeith Brake
Analog Gamers’ AllianceKeith McCleary
André SchmidtKelly Naylor
Andre & Katherine TownsendKelly Raynor
Andrea PeckKelly Turnbull
Andrea SteyerKelsie Ribeiro
Andreas & Kimberly TurriffKen Myers
AndrewKen Whipple, Jr.
Andrew & Rachel PetrylkaKen, Johann & Dash
Andrew B. StockingKenneth Earl Tilsen
Andrew CorvinKenneth Osiecki
Andrew G. RussellKerry Smith
Andrew HodgsonKerstin & Kenneth Leon
Andrew MuellerKevin “Pimabear” Lewis
Andrew OrvedahlKevin Campbell
Andy ChristianKevin, from Hamburg Germany
Andy WhiteKezrek Laczin
AnelaKhyber & Kiran
Angel HartKickingBear Coe
Anitra LaraeKillinen Family
AnknKimberly & Steven Davis
Anna TobelukKimberly N. Chin-Griffin
Annebelle HirschKit Brown-Hoekstra
Annie MinicuciKiva Fecteau
Anthony HuangKriss & Jo Watt
Anthony StillwagonKristen Leigh Schwarz
Aragorn!Kurt R. A. Giambastiani
Arnold FamilyKyle Keller
Arnold MuraltKyle Kozlowski
Art WadeLacey Williams
Arturo A. Vera-FelicieLaughing Fox
Aryeh-Leib ben Avraham ShemaiyahLaura Picou (KeiriVixon)
Asa LinsonLaura Waterman Wittstock
Asher William SomervilleLaurel Esther Lewis
Ashleigh MorganLaurel Metty
Ashton & Di AlbaLauren
AstraLauren Callahan
Audi CampbellLaurence Emms
Audra F. KramerLawrence E Barker
Audrey HuggettLawson family
Aura V.Lee Barnes
Autumn MelbyLeeanne Mercer
Avalon Warner-GonzalesLegends Larp Productions, LLC
Averen Joseph WhiteLenora & Billy DuRand
Avery NoelleLeona & Clyde Glass
Avinash JeyadevLes, Crystal, & Dashiell Simpson
Azra HawthorneLeslie Walking Elk
Badger McInnesLevi
Barbara Purdie-SmithLevi Mason
Barbara Randall KeselLevi Taylor
Barbara WallaceLewis Hunter
Barry Lee PetersonLex Carra
Becca & James MarshallLexi Antoku
Becca NelsonLiam Keptner
Ben JezierskiLiam McAlpin
Ben WilsonLiam Nikolai
Ben WrightLily Feldman
Ben, Chloe, & Lily Davis SouvannasacdLinda Huggins
Benjamin SlackLindsay Beardall
Benjamin W. Meisel IILindsay Stone
Benoit DesgreniersLindsay-Anne
Bernice FreemanLink Hughes
Beth & James DavisLisa Heder
Beth BromleyLisa Kop
Beth RobinsonLisianthus Waterlow
Betty TurkLiz Bienemann & Shawn Hurst
Beverly Marshall SalingLiz Quiroga
Beyond Bows & Arrows Radio ProgramLizbeth Cattle
Big JimLogan S. Kelly
Bill DewingLois Stengar James
Bill TrostLorena Jasis-Wallace
Billie Jean LanierLoris de La Rista
Billy CoghillLou Gluchov
Black ElkLouis Morales
Black Girl GameworksLuca Agunos
Bob LovelyLuka Carroll.
BracebridgeLuke & Bentley
Brandon BaerLuke Lekander
Brandon LarrabeeLuna Anderson
Brandon Ray LIttleLupin Chevalier
Brandt DudziakLux de Lumine
Brenda Haroian & Motch HirzLyle & Kiani Smith
Brendan HuttLynn Painter & Armando Hernandez
Brendon PardingtonLyric Owen & Ian Wall
BrianM J Dawson
Brian & Anjuli WylesMackenzie “Chushi” Walters
Brian & Zakary NicolsMad Jay
Brian C. GillumMadame Ximon
Brian CortijoMadden Swift
Brian GraceyMadi Mojica
Brian HinesMadison Mojica
Brian KirkellMaggie Glasgow
Brian Ray Hoard.Maggie Mack Brooks
Brian TerreroMagpie Games
Brian WilliamsMaison de MESON
Brianna CoxMakinlee King
Brianna WhitrockMal
Briar GreisingerMalcolm W.
Brie Furnis-LawrenceMalia Hamilton
Brijzha BoyerMallo
Brittany SummersMally DeBlack
Brittenany GillespieMama Lena
Bronwyn KingMama Phoenix
Brooke & Ian KornmeyerMamaw Morgan
Bruce B. WillieMandi Huffman
Bruce McIlhaneyManuel Luna
Bryanna & BrianMarcella
Cait SidheMarcus Knox
Caith DonovanMarek Oziewicz
Cala D. FlamondMaren
Caleb MurryMargaret Penn, matriarch
Callan WolfeMargie W. Todd
Cameron & Duncan Lott of the Turtle ClanMari Biscieglia
Cameron KopasMari Red
Camille DentMarianne, from Berlin
Camille SimpsonMarilyn Crowson Benson
Carlos & Holly OvalleMarion Blackwell
Carlos CabreraMarion Carpenter Jr.
Carol LaiMarisa Reichert
Caroline A. KimblesMark Blankenship
Carolyn BrinkworthMark Eggert
Carrol SavageMark LaPointe
Casa SalvacionMark Redacted
Casey LetendreMark Smith
Casey ShockleyMarkeia McCarty
Casillas FamilyMartha Berryhill Kiefer
Cassandra Amouak-Hale & Morgan L. HaleMarti Jordan
Cassandra L. WreyMartin John Manco
Cassandra SilviaMary Ann Hensley
Cassandra WalkerMary Kay Cassani
Cat Alexander & Ralph YaugerMaskamawôt Shannon Smith
Catherine BergerMathew Spaan
Catherine NygrenMathilde Domke
Caytlin EagleMatt
CB GuzmanMatt Kessen
Cecilia & Tammy SwansonMatt Murphy
Cedar Bay Assessment & TherapyMatthew & Caroline Razincka
Ceinan Kimbrough & Jay LoganMatthew & Cat Williams
Celina DoroMatthew & Jose Montalto
Chad & Jane D’AigleMatthew Browning
Chantel NestellMatthew Grimm
Charles ‘Chuck’ KoeppelMatthew Hazleton
Charles (Charlie) AndersonMatthew Jenkins
Charles AllesonMatthew Mercer
Charles E. Leiserson, Jr.Matthew Poonamallee
Charles James WilsonMatthias Chan
Charles SiegelMaurice Foxx
Charles William BatesMax De Benedetti
Charles WysorMaya Szakaly
Charlie AtkinsMÄhealani, Sarai & Aria
Charlie Sleepingowl MilgrimMcKenzie Dubert
Charlie VergaraMD Spangler
Charlotte JonesMegan & Alex Kanous
Charlotte SnowMegan Brett
Chase GlenisterMelissa “Altaica” Bailey
Chastity & Ian EdwatdsMelissa Hubbard
Chaz “Coal Lumus” GordonMellynie Albertson
Chaz & Carolyn KempMelody Everest
Chelsea DzaugisMerion Kane
Chelsea HanksMesquakinoe Red Pole
Chelsea JonesMica
Chelsea Whitlow ShayMichael
CheréMichael Brost
Cherokee of Georgia Tribal CouncilMichael C.
Chief Reymundo “Tigre” PerezMichael Carens-Nedelsky
Chingwe Padraig SullivanMichael D McPheeters
Chris & Lorraine ForbesMichael DeMichillie & Caitlin Postal
Chris & Tammy GarlandMichael Estep & Victoria Pendl
Chris BighorseMichael Fetters
Chris EllerMichael Gamboa
Chris MisteleMichael Hixenbaugh
Chris SmithMichael Holzwarth
Chris TylerMichael Krauss
Chris van GorderMichael Kusternig
Chris WrenMichael Leader
Christina DormanMichael Loubier
Christina SchroeterMichael Lozano
Christine Hiskett SullivanMichael McGuffin
Christine Jones GrazianoMichael Meike
Christoph D MillerMichael O. Holland
Christopher A DellMichael Rivers Jr
Christopher FroebeMichael Rodrigues
Christopher LavertyMichael Skinner
Christopher M HearldMichael Tolan
Christopher P. CrossleyMichel Turcas
Christopher VianMichelle
Christy AppsMichelle & Gabriel McKean
Christy ShaverMicrophones of Madness
Chuck ChildersMiguel Garcia Jr.
Ciarán “Sarky” O’BrienMike Booker
Cindy DavisMike Richie
Cindy, Liam, & Mina WindauMike Shaver
CJ CooperMikel McFall
Claire Weaver & Meg SimonsMikey “quantumdot” Zee
Claude WeaverMiles Fryhover
Claudia AlineMillie Pearl Mae Dial
Clayton GreyMiralee Sahraine
Cleo MasarveyMiriam, Asher & Gabriel Froebe
ClickMischa Krilov
Clyde Lee GrahamMisty Dawn Murphy
CM JonesMisty Massey
Cody & JennMitakuye-Oyasin
Cody ClintonMitch Hirz & Brenda Haroian
Cody TappanMitchell & Julie French
Colin CooperMitchell James
Colin SuessMKH
Colin WilkinsonMoe Gray
Concepcion Acevedo OrtizMonica Huminski
Conner & Brittany WatsonMonique & Jason Noel
Connor B.Monique Devlin
Connor Calaway & Robert ScottMonique Porier
Conor KMoose
Conor, Katherine & Jacob MandelMorgan C.
Conrad ForchtMorgan Conroy
Coolidge High School ELAMorgan McPherson
Coral Conant GillesMorgan Mendel
Cordero GomezMoritz Botts
Cormac RussellMorning Dove
Corvin G ArterburnMorrighan Wells
Cory BradshawMoses Milazzo
Cory HillMoyra Turkington & Brand Robins
Cory HoldenMycelium Youth Network
Cory WilliamsenNatalie Newman Petlev
Cousin in MichiganNatasa Vujnovic
Craig FarrowNatasha Dion
Cristian SanchezNate Hansen
Crystal SanchezNathan Hadley
Crystal SorrowNathan Maranan
Curtis PullenNathanael & Owen Blakely
Cuyahoga Community College History DepartmentNathaniel Emerson
Cybershaman(X) a.k.a. Bryan LogieNavajo Word Processor Developers
Cyndimae MeehanNeff Family
D & C EdwardsNicholas Schmiedicker
D & O ManyNick Furchert
D. B. RosengardNickolas Jones
D. BandychNicole Jaggi
D.P. GillespieNicole Moon
Damien CalaveraNina H
Dancermike DeMerittNisenan Tribe
Daniel ByersNoah & Owen Greer
Daniel D. FoxNorm de Plume
Daniel EltringhamNovi Studios
Daniel KraemerNunzio DeFilippis & Christina Weir
Daniel Lamouche Jr.Obie Lehman King
Daniel LessinObioma Medina
Daniel NoelOgimaawaatig
Danny McWilliamsOglala Commemoration
Danny WhiteOglala Commemoration Committee
Dante SpitaleriOliver Bollmann
Darcie QuinOn behalf of Gabriel Mireau, aka Chauncey Ren
DarkshmooOnei R. O’Mancer
Darlene MaryOona & Heath Evans
Darrall Joshua Kelly ShawOscar “ToPeace” Simmons
DarrowOwen Alexander
Dave ScheideckerOwen Pierce
David “Dynamitochondria” LawsonPam Crawford
David & Alice McLeodPamela Hawley
David & SarahParker A. Fox
David BurkeParker Brown
David C. RidoutParker Hicks
David ChartPastor Tommy Richter
David CorlissPat Luther
David G. BlakePat Troy
David GibsonPatricio Boyer
David Gordon BureshPatrick & Patricia Holmes
David HelfrichPatrick Aist
David LeachPatrick Ammons, Jackson Fogel & Tyler Kniffin
David LowePatrick Guilbault
David MorgenPatrick J.Z. Kucera & David C. Wilson
David Musser & FamilyPatrick Jeffery Smith
David SlaneyPatrick Mahoney
David Spring aka ArcRevenantPatrick McLaughlin
David TrieweilerPatrick Nottingham
David V. MillsPatrick R.P. Butler
Dawn ColemanPatrick S Line
Deanna & Rich PindellPaul & Linda Guffin
DeLunaPaul Gonzales
Demetra & Nick McBrayerPaul Hartford
Dena & Victoria MillardPaul Hayes
Denise MollPaul Henry Boyle
Dennis L’AnglaisPaul James Bellmer
Derek CrumbPaul Record
Derrick SandersPaul Wagner
Desert Keep GamesPe Metawe Consulting
Desmond WeberPeregrine Christison
Deura StormPeSheWa
Devin KoeppPeter Casey
Devin WardPeter Dubyoski
Devon FoxPeter McCall & Juliana Steinmann
Diana LopezPeter Oberley
Diana LowrPeyton Welch
Dimitri FatePhil Boothe
Dom ZookPhilip W Rogers Jr
Don & Eunice MitchellPhillip & Sarah Houx
Don EibertPhillip McClendon
Don WalshPhyllis & John Kempema
Donna PoindexterPiton Bertsch
Doug BarthPlayquest Podcast
Dr. Angie BondPobl Vreizh Izel
Dr. B. J. BoydPoggmo
Dr. Bryan DunPurple Goat Gardens
Dr. Clarence Haas Snelling Jr.QueueTimes
Dr. dana n. dunwoodyQuinlan Talbot
Dr. Jefferson SvengsoukQuinn Swain-Nisbet
Dr. Marc RoedenbeckQuinton Ryan
Dr. Nicole BlalockQuita Nelson Sullivan, Chingwe Sullivan, Mark Sullivan
Dr. Sharon ParkerR. Tomlin
Dr. Thad HorrellRónán Kennedy
Dustin FreemanRachael McCormick
DW McCannRachel “Ren” Ward
dxʷdəwʔabšRachel Bakke
Dylan “ExoByte” MayoRachel Becknell & David Bythewood
Dylan BachRachel Freedman
Dylan BannonRachel R. Madison
E.F. “Eddie” MorrillRae Herrera
E&ARamiro Marrón Alonso
Eben AlguireRamona Avitia Martinez
Echo FRandy Partain
Ed Hurtley & Wendy BlumRay & Betty McClendon
Ed LathamRaymound J. “Wyldehairâ€ Kinkaid & family
Edgar GonzalezRebecca Coda
Edmund Mitchell Leduke IRebecca Mellifont
Edna Frances PerryRebekah Rogers, Annika Rogers & Thad Green
Edna Mae ForsheyRebekkah Hummel
Eileen & Brandon BarnesRedbird King
Eileen RichardsonReese R. Holland
Eileen TarcayRegina “Gigiâ€ Carrere
El’li ZaetheReiko M
Eleanor SeleyRen Jorgens
Eli FarrellRhoda Simmons
Eli Tully & Mick ServossRhyno Russell & Luis Castillo
Eliana DimopoulosRiccardo Broccoletti
Eliot DeLaCruz KriviskiRichard Darrington
Elizabeth Tarte, Penelope Ponder & Felicity, Sara, & Caelyn SchubertRichard Drew
Elmon & Ashley OliverRichard Johnson, Jr.
Emily GoekeRichard Lott
Emily LeggRichard Plemons & Rachel Ashby
Emily TurnerRichard Stratton
Emma HansenRichard W. Gombert
Emma harringtonRick Shelley
Emmeline Grace StiltsRico Rose
Emmet WoodRihanna “Moon Girl” Kelver
Enoch ChapmanRiki2Tails
Ensley F. GuffeyRikki Sparks
Enzi TannerRob “sparkchaser” Meyer
Erendiz TarakciRobbie Robinson
EricRobby Seager
Eric BrookeRobert “Mystical Seeker Erin” Untall
Eric GarrisonRobert “Uncle Bear” McMurray
Eric Hill.Robert & Justin Haynes
Eric RiveraRobert & Sabella Curtis
Eric SchultzRobert DeBroeck
Erich Given Penno SaganaceRobert Gemmell
Erik GrowenRobert Lawrence Clegg
Erik RiggiolaRobert Lijklema
Erin GRobert Luhrman
Erin KimminauRobert N. Emerson
Erin McAllisterRobert Quenneville
Erin McCulleyRobert Sisigaw
Erin McGuireRobert William Lightfoot
Erin McIlraithRobin Leaman
Erin pierceRodney Cox
Esmond ChongRogi Riverstone
Espry WhispRon Reyes
Ethan SwimmerRory Hodgson
Eugene Dana LarsonRosalind & Luca
Eugene JenningsRose
Eugene M. BrickRoss & Carmen TenEyck-McDowell
Eupha May ShieldRowan Horne
EutonnahRowan Keele
Evan CreamerRowan Kellogg
Evelyn ParenteauRoxann McGlumphy
Ever SullivanRozik Ritclave
Ever WolfsbaneRua Lupa
Everett LeCainRuthanna Hill
Fae CrossroadsRyan Chew
Family of Isaac Duncan IIIRyan Kendy
Fei Leung-LinRyan Owens
Felicia SibleRyan Poe
Felix B MunizRyan Sherburne
Foot the CatRyder Daniels
For all AdventurersRys Midnight
For all the ancestors, past & futureS. Sabatke
For the children & Elders of Indigenous humans of EarthS.L. Washburn
For those who crossed nations & offered clemency to help each other in the Dakotan ice stormsSabrina Rucker
Frédéric Turiot & Chong Liang LimSafdie
Francis AbbottSam
Frank Noland Ticknor IV & Nathan David TicknorSam & Kristen Tregar
Fred KeiperSam Miller
Fresno State Anthropology AlumSam Morstan
FreyjaSamantha Irene Castro
Friendly Local Game PodSami Al-Khazraji
From one dreamer to anotherSamuel Egeland
From one gamer to another, to explore this world, other worlds & tell our storiesSamuel Gildiner
G. Porter EwingSamuel Lanane
G.W. AndersSamuel Tremblay
Gabe James HicksSandi Rottschafer
Gabriel de los AngelesSandra DeVera
Gabriel R. GriffinSara Castle
GarnetSara Hawk
Garrett HenkeSara Lawler
Gary Alexander SimpsonSara Stewart
Gary PappSarah & Ellen
Gary Wayne BarberSarah & Heather
GaurelinSarah C Meyers
Gavin McDonaldSarah Galarneau & all our relations.
GEM FamilySarah Penston
Gemma DenhamSassaba Adams
Gene WindhamSatan the bird
Geneva & Jeremy MainsSchoen Family
George Demientieff HollyScott Emilio Solis
George GuessScott Kenny
George MartinezScott McQuillen Hill & Mary McQuillen Hill
George TessierScott Mist
Gerald A. NeyScott Rowe
Glenda Ludford.Scott Spalding
Gordon HippernScotty O. White
Grandma JacquezScrivener Lamb
Grandma WestbrookSean
Grant SpeedSean Campbe
GraySean Guynes
Greg MartinSean S. Adkins
Gregory HolkanSean Sullivan
Griffin DearySean, Monica & Rune Gallagher
Guelph Queer EqualitySedona & Franky
Gustavo MartinezSejena Hempel
H. John KeelerSendaz
Hadidjah ChamberlinSerena Padilla
Halligan FamilySerena Secord & Lysandra Nothing
Hamutal BorochovSET
Hanna CooperSGR
Hans Cummingsshaawano
Harley & Rebecca BoldingShafaragorn
HarperShandy Smi
Hasan DavisShane Ferguson
Hayden HedmanShannon McLean
He-Zin Kwon & Steve SchuderShattered Worlds RPG
Heather & Cindy O’MalleyShawn Kammerdiener
Heather & David FultonShawn Ritz Arthur
Heather AndersonShawn Saunders
Heather ChappelleShawn Tomac
Heather HumphreySheila A. Blakely
Heather NewkirkSheldon
Heather WaltersSherwyn Zephier
HemphillShirley DeWise
Herbert Calvin AllenShirley Lacina
Herman MitchellSiavash Mojarrad
Heroes of GerallSidney
Hjal NelsonSilas Marr
Holly KoponenSimon Lee
Hugh H Browne Jr.Sita Mansour
Hulitan Family & Community Services SocietySJ Homer
I.A OrionSkinner Family
IanSkye Dolman
Ian & Diana BeardSkye McLaren Walton
Ian BuchtaSmiths pharmacy
Ian McAlpinSmokeRaven
Ian RunkleSolaris Gillispie
Ian SentelikSonder
Ida MaeSook Jin Ong
Ido “Nextorl” MerchavSouthern New England Socialist Rifle Association
Ileana BoatrightSparo A. Vigil-Macha & Michael Macha
Ill Gotten GamesStaltman Family
In honor of Jackie Carpio Chitto & her familyStarlit Games, LLC
In honor of AlexanderStefan Unteregger
In honor of all Two-Spirit People who have come before and will go forward in power.Stephanie & Joe Turner
In honor of Aria Ni’Shea RootStephanie George
In honor of Barbara RoysdonStephanie Halmhofer & Patrick Taylor
In honor of Beverly OnebearStephen Hunting
In honor of Darin & ShaynaStephen Swift Bird
In honor of Doctor John LongStev Weidlich
In honor of Dreamers everywhereSteve ‘Wolfy’ Scott
In honor of Drum & PeaceSteve & Jess Asbury
In honor of Ethel RatnerSteve & Marion from England
In honor of every child born in defiance of what the colonizers wanted.Steve Konrady & Bridget Nixon
In honor of generations, past, present, & futureSteven “Tayls” Taylor
In honor of Imara & WrenSteven Andrew Murray
In honor of James HornSteven Gotzler
In honor of Jeb & Hannah JonesSteven J Messenger
In honor of Jim Northrup & FdLTCC president, Larry AndersonSteven Thomas
In honor of Justin ClarySteven Wilson
In honor of Justin HookeStewart White
In honor of Kaylee FayeStonie Ray Williams
In honor of Ken DillonStormclouds
In honor of KennSue Gwaayk’yaa Heal
In honor of Kernie A SawatisSusan Kaye Quinn
In honor of Leonard PeltierSuzanne & Jeffrey Pettengill
In honor of Mark BrighoffSuzanne Michele
In honor of Mitchell & Rita CapitanSwanson Family
In honor of Ola Mildred RexroatSydney Williams & Carl Beilstein
In honor of Patrick Herman LeeT. “Sukiâ€ Martino
In honor of Patrick MealeyTahlia Natachu
In honor of Santo “The Lionheart”, my beloved sonTalia Saulski
In honor of Sean TeagueTamara Bozich
In honor of Susan La Flesche PicotteTamara Sandy
In honor of the Beal family.Tammy R. Balog
In honor of the Carter Family ancestorTanya Keenan
In honor of the Gooday family & all its relationsTara King
In honor of the missing & murdered Indigenous women & girls of CanadaTaryn Tsingine
In honor of the traveling teachersTawí:ne
In honor of Thomas Edwin BrownTaylor Sims
In honor of those we’ve lost, carry onTeam Indigenous Rising Roller Derby
In honor of those who want their imaginations to flyTebasha
In honor of Wally LeMayTejal Kuray
In memory of Abel & Pomesina SanchezTelegram Sam
in memory of Aida MancillasTenacity GrayWolf & Grandfather
In memory of Albert Deschesne.Terry from Mage the Podcast
In memory of Andrew BrightTessa Wittman
In memory of Arnold Spotted BearTexas Tuccillos
In memory of Bobbie Gene ReburnThe Albans
In memory of Capers, Bob, & BenThe Altepeter Family
In memory of Charlie CrowThe Butler Family
In memory of CoCoThe Cast Die Podcast
In memory of Cynthia Nowak ZimmerThe Children of the Carlisle Indian Industrial School
In memory of David CloutierThe Citizens Of Uranium Springs, AZ
In memory of Delbert BellThe Council of Bros
In memory of Diana Dawn RatcliffThe Covingtons
In memory of Diane & Terry StewartThe Crazy Bull Family
In memory of Doctors Fereidoun & Katharine MirhadyThe Creightons
In memory of Doris F. ArmstrongThe Dykes Family
In memory of Dylan Deneh’Cha Plasier ThompsonThe Facque Family
In memory of Eduardo RamirezThe Family of Allan Houser
In memory of Gail MarcusThe Family of Jenny Burrows
In memory of Garrett WilsonThe Frizzell family
In memory of George & Suzie MayerThe Gagné Family
In memory of J.M. AlejandroThe General Family
In memory of James AdlerThe Gilmore Family
In memory of Jasper PesickaThe Gonzales Family
In memory of Jenn BackstromThe Granlunds
In memory of Jimmie Richardson-Packhorse, Sr.The Gregg family
In memory of John J Hinchcliffe, EsqThe Greiner Family
In memory of Joshua BillyThe Hardt Family
In memory of Kenneth BuscherThe Harmon Family
In memory of Kim CarterThe Hogue family
In memory of Lonnie AllenThe Household of the Great Dark Dark Horde
In memory of Maurice FoxThe Hupcey Family
In memory of Michael PaceThe Jewish community in solidarity
In memory of Nichelle NicholsThe Jolly Family
In memory of Paul EvanThe Kimberley family
In memory of Pete & Ada HolfordThe Knott Family
In memory of Phyllis HorneThe Kurtzo Family Adventurers
In memory of Ralph Allen KnottThe Lystlund family
In memory of Renee RivkisThe MacKrells
In memory of Rhonda JohnstonThe McCabes
In memory of Richard TwissThe Moon family
In memory of Rick BartowThe Morbyrne Family
In memory of Sarah Piper MengesThe Morfin Family of Troy
In memory of Sarah Waldrop née CochranThe Newnham family
In memory of Scott Andrew Pontier Jr.The Phillips Family
In memory of Shane WilliamsThe Pomp Family
In memory of Snoqualmie Chief Andres “Andy” Juan de los AngelesThe Recalma-Shipley Family
In memory of Stephanie Edwards & Her FriendsThe Ronalds
In memory of those who led the wayThe Ronsse-Tucherov family
In memory of Tove EngebretsenThe Rycerz Family of Wesley Chapel
In memory of Trudie & David Lamb RichmondThe Schlobohm Family
In memory of Vera ShaganashThe Short Family
In memory of Walter C. SweetThe Tanberg Family
In memory of Wilbur “Chief” KeiserThe Taylor Family
In memory of Wilfred PelletierThe Tinkler family
In memory of William Oliver PoitraThe Tompkins Family
In memory of Yakama elder Paul MosqThe Tron Family
In thankfulness for Ben H. RomeThe Turner Family
In thanks to Dr. Michael McNally, MDiv, MA, PhDThe Two Legged Freaks
In thanks to the people of IrelandThe Velman Family
In the spirit of Black solidarity with our Indigenous familyThe Villeneuve Families
Ina Lemm & Gerd HauserThe Vosburg family
Io OtterThe Wanderer
Iorwerth ThomasThe Warren Family
Irene D. BloodroseThe Watts Family
Irene VillasenorTheanos & Idalia
Isabel Concepcionthedarkcloak
Isaiah ChoczynskiTheJackalsDenn
Isis MorningstarTheresa Benedict
Ismael CintronThomas Clark
Ivan EwertThomas Uhlenhake
Ixby WuffThrough Lena’s Eyes
ixiThunder Porter
J MadenTiara Westley-Phillips
J-ColTiffany Simpson
J. CareyTim “Telshin” Aldridge
J. Howard.Tim Cohron
Jack GraceTim Kraus
Jack KellumTim Kreut
Jack KoziolTim Mullen
Jack Long Knife ClarkTlamatqui Ixtlahuatl
Jackson HowardTom Auger
Jacob & Nadine TrentaTom Callahan
Jacob AloTom Hart
Jacob EngstromTom Minton
Jacob H.Toni Garrett & Druesyllia Brinkley
Jade Jones-Cervantes-HawkToni Sanchez
Jade JozwiakTony & Linda O’seland
Jae NedsTony Cheong
Jai McCubbin, Finn McLellan & A WalterTony McDowell
Jake SandersTony Washakie Trejo
JamesTonya Young
James & Casey RudkinTopher King
James B ClossTracy Stanley
James CheadleTravis Roberts
James David Miguel Park DelgadoTrevor Conners
James F TillmanTrevor Marshall
James FennessyTrevor St. Lawrence
James G JohnsonTrish Pettinati
James J. DonahueTristam Hopkins Jr.
James Lee Black & the Castellano familyTristan & Gawen Rodgers
James LowderTsikerdanos Family
James MacAulayTurtle Woman
James MonaghanTy & Kiyomi
James NettumTy Defoe
James O’GradyTy Myrick
James QuaintanceTyler Allen Squires
James Russell LeeTyler Cromartie
Jameson McGheeTyler Lindstad
Jana M. MerrillTyson B. Cram
Jane K. HirschV. Ruiz II
Janelle DavisValashar
Janice Elaine MillerValerie Porter
Jared M. BooneValorye Bailye
Jason (Jase) MartinVictor Raymond PhD
Jason & Abby WhiteVictoria Carter
Jason BehnkeVictoria Martinez Chavez
Jason Flynn & Veronica KennedyVictoria Sanchez
Jason HawksVincent & Andrea Duncan.
Jason KenneyVirginia
Jason KennyVirginia A. Rousseau
Jason PoynterVirginia K. Bull
Jason RootViveka Nylund
Jason T BlackstoneVladimir Feather
Jax GitzesVyn Diaz
Jax WolfW Kees Schuller
Jay & Debra NealeW Ryan Carden
Jeanne HynesWade Campbell
Jeff HitchcockWade Rockett
Jeff ParkerWakjÄ…kaga
Jeff SzuszWales
Jeffrey & Brooklynn SwansonWandering Mage
Jen NollkamperWarren Johnson & Sophia Caramagno
Jenn CutterWassie Apokedak
Jennifer deWinterWayne Barry
Jennifer GodfreyWeaselcreature & Lily
Jennifer JohnsonWebpollution
Jennifer ValureWestminster College Board with Friends Tabletop Gaming Club
Jeremiah GannerWhitman La Torra
Jeremy & Natasha CueWicked Ways Wendt
Jerrod M Ward JrWil Bastion
Jerry Hoult & Karen HallidayWill & Kira Dowling
Jess PiattWill Mendoza
Jess Rowan MarcotteWill Rivera
Jesse SpenceWilliam & Tracey Williams
Jessica CarpenterWilliam Angus Steadman
Jessica DarkeWilliam Delmar
Jessica RenkenWilliam P. Webb
Jessica SchienhammerWilliam Riddle
Jessica WhitmoreWilliam Robertson
Jessie ColvilleWilliam Springer
Jessie HippertWisakedjak
Jessy BerlangaWoodrow White
Jesus ChristWoods-Mccormick Family
Jim PlathWoven Star Coven of Syracuse
Jim WoodWulderbor
Jo Ellen ErosXerxes
Jo RobsonYancey & Maguy Larochelle
Joamette GilYasmin Bhatti
Joan PinkertonYou Don’t Meet In An Inn
Joan U.Your Friend
Joe & Kathleen DonahueYour friend, Nate
Joe BoerjesYour friendly local anonymous nerd
Joe FloodYvaine & Nova Taylor
Joe Medicine CrowZachary & Erynn Farmer
Joe MorrisonZachary Wight
Joe RoseZahir Mondal- Slyter
Joel PonceZahra Jioudi
Joey BoydZehanat Ali Khan
Johanna Cabuag (Williams)Zelda Rae StandStrong
John & Patrick O’ReillyZiggy & Maus
John BaillieZin
John BurnettZoey Kapusinski
John Carson Scott