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    Coyote and Crow is a tabletop role playing game being developed and lead by me, Connor Alexander. I am an enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation. The game is set in an alternate near future where colonization never happened. The game adds near future sci-fi elements as well as some spiritual and supernatural elements, creating a unique setting for role players of all skill levels.

    Our goal is to have to have as many Native members on the creative team as possible and especially in key creative positions. In addition, raising the voices of women and marginalized people are at the core of our principles. My hope is to get this game into the hands of Natives who have maybe never played an RPG previously and to provide them with a positive portrayal of Native cultures and a fresh, hopeful perspective.

    Once we’ve achieved a sufficient amount of progress, the project will launch on Kickstarter to help fund the remainder of its development (see the blog for further details). I am available for audio or written interviews. If you have questions or are interested in helping develop this project (especially if you are First Nations), I encourage you to contact me. The more voices I hear from, the better this game will be.

    Stiyu and Wado.