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Hey folks, this is going to be a bit of a long, down, post about Gen Con 2022, so in case you don’t want to slog through it all, here’s the TLDR:

  • We will NOT have a booth or sales at Gen Con 2022
  • A couple of our scheduled events are cancelled but most are still happening (be sure to thank Logan Boese if you see him!)
  • I’ll still be at Gen Con personally (and will be on at least one panel)

Coyote And Crow News ||

Siyo, folks! (<–that’s an abbreviated form of hello in Cherokee)

With Gen Con 2022 upon us, I want to talk about conventions in general, Coyote & Crow Games stance on them, and what it means for us going forward.


Coyote And Crow News ||

Hey folks. I’ve got something important to talk about. This has come up in a few different channels, worded in a few different ways, but I got an email today that made me realize that I really need to fully address this situation once and for all. So, this post is directed specifically at people who are feeling squeamish about playing Coyote & Crow.



Okay, let me get into this. First, if you’re concerned that you shouldn’t be playing Coyote & Crow, it’s likely that you’re a white person and you’re worried that playing this game constitutes some form of cultural appropriation or that you would somehow misrepresent Indigenous people during your time playing the game.


Coyote And Crow News ||

Shipping News!

Hey folks, Our fulfillment team is currently prepping our first waves of books to go out. I want to emphasize again, that they’re estimating that this main wave will not finish leaving their warehouse until around March 11th. With that said, here’s some more specifics.


Coyote And Crow News ||

Time to Lock Addresses!

Hey folks,

After some discussions with our printers and our distribution and fulfillment teams, we’ve decided that we need to lock in all of your shipping addresses sooner rather than later. So we’re going to move to that next step based on their advice and timelines. 

On Friday, February 18th, we’ll be locking addresses. You’ll receive an automated email notice from BackerKit 48 hours before addresses lock.


Coyote And Crow News ||

I hope you’re all safe, feeling well, and off to a good start on your new year. I usually like to drop these at the start of the month, but I wanted to wait until I had a few more data points for you all. This post is full of good news, so let’s get right to it.


Coyote And Crow News ||

Well, it’s been quite the rollercoaster over here the last few weeks. We dropped the PDF of the core rules, I attended a honest to goodness real convention (PAX Unplugged), we launched our Discord, dropped a new video, released our rules light PDF and the recipes and opened our webstore. But there’s larger news going on behind the scenes and I wanted to wait to drop it all to you until we had some kind of next steps and resolution. Let’s start with:


Coyote And Crow News ||

If you’ve received your PDF – great! Enjoy. You can completely ignore this email and carry on.

If you have not received your PDF, please read through this carefully!

Folks, there are two primary reasons you haven’t received your PDFs and I’m going to cover both situations here. 

You backed during the campaign on Kickstarter: If you backed during the campaign and pledged at a tier that was higher than $5 (except the retailer level) but have not received your PDF, it’s likely you have not yet filled out your BackerKit survey. Currently there are 572 people who have not filled out their survey. BackerKit has sent out more than 10 emails to each of you during this time.  Please do not email me personally about this. While I’m happy to help, I’m spending increasing numbers of hours of my day trying to trouble shoot your emails with BackerKit. Please use BackerKit support and make sure you are receiving emails. Then, fill out your surveys. Then, go back into your pledge on BackerKit and you should see your digital downloads available to you.

You backed as a late-pledge/pre-order through BackerKit: If you backed after the campaign and have not received your PDF, this is likely not your fault. When we created the late pledge options there was an error and the PDFs did not get loaded to the pledges that included physical books. They have since been added to all appropriate levels. However, since the emails went out before we made that adjustment, many of you were not notified. You should be able to go back into your BackerKit pledge and find it. If you’re having trouble finding that email or getting into your BackerKit pledge, you can either email BackerKit support or email me through our website ( ) and we can resend your pledge email to you.

Other Issues: There may be other outstanding issues that do not fit either of these categories. Please use BackerKit support as your first option. I’m happy to help, but it’s highly likely that they can fix any issues faster than I can.

One final note: Please keep in mind that we cannot deliver any rewards to you if you have not filled out your BackerKit survey. You might want to check on Kickstarter and figure out what email you used. That’s where BackerKit sends their surveys. Once physical books are ready to ship, we’ll lock addresses. We’ll also give plenty of notice before we do that.

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend. Stay safe, be kind, get vaccinated(and boosted) and mask up.

Till next time my fellow coyotes and crows.


Coyote And Crow News ||

It’s Time!

Every backer who pledged at $20 or higher should be receiving their PDF of the book today. This PDF is identical to the full color physical copy of the book. If you don’t see it in your inbox for the email you used to pledge by the end of the day, follow these easy steps:

  • Don’t Panic
  • Check Your Spam Folder
  • Don’t immediately email me. Wait at least a day before reporting an issue as there may be problems at any number of levels. I’ll be working with BackerKit to make sure every PDF is delivered.

In addition, a couple of other things are being announced:

  • Early backers should also be getting their recipe cards in their email
  • All backers at $20 or higher should also be receiving the Rules Light Introductory Adventure in their email. Depending on how long it takes to get out recipes and PDFs, this may take a couple of days in total.
  • Our official Discord server is launching! You can find it at:
  • A new video is up on our website on how the basic d12 System works! Here’s the link:

If you have delivery issues or if you have comments or concerns about the game:  Please be aware that we’ll have people watching the Coyote & Crow website forums and the Discord Server. However, you may experience long delays in receiving replies through Kickstarter, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Our suggestion is that you leave congratulations, compliments and constructive feedback on our website forums or on our Discord (or Twitter, Facebook or Instagram if you don’t need a rapid reply)Lastly, we’ll be suspending late pledges for physical copies. From here out, if you wish to get a physical copy of the book, you’ll need to get it through your local hobby store or other retail options. As far as other updates:

  • Physical Copies: March is still possible, but April is starting to look more likely.
  • Roll20: No hard timeline yet. Might be before the end of the year but more likely January or Q1 of next year.
  • Rebecca Roanhorse Adventure: No hard timeline yet. We’re still working on finding time in her schedule.
  • Other stuff: We’re going to have announcements soon about other exciting Coyote & Crow RPG products as well as other tabletop games and media from Coyote & Crow LLC!

On a more personal note, I’m really proud of what we’re delivering you. While much of this work is mine, it absolutely would not exist without the hard work and vision of more than 40 other people – not even counting our amazing play testers! This work isn’t flawless. But that’s where you come in. We know that the best way to really grow an RPG is to let people play it. We want you to mold it, reshape it, break it, put it back together again. If the Creator shines on us, we’ll have a second edition down the line and be able to incorporate all of the best of those ideas. This book isn’t the end. It’s just the start.

Stay safe, be kind, mask up, get vaccinated – and get a booster if you can.


Connor Alexander

Coyote And Crow News ||

Okay. So last week, I put up a few social media posts asking for suggestions on Indigenous or marginalized reviewers that I could get preview copies of Coyote & Crow to and … well, let’s just say that it didn’t go as intended. I got a firehose of suggestions, requests, offers and ideas that really had nothing to do with what I wanted. It was lovely, if a little frustrating.

So, let me rephrase my request and add some context. I do not need people to review Coyote & Crow. It’s going to get a TON of reviews. Everyone and their mother will be sharing their opinions on the game, its setting, mechanics, context, representation, etc. I don’t need help in any way when it comes to reviews.

What I am trying to do is help others! Let me explain. In the hobby game industry, review channels are dominated by straight white guys (shocking!). All of the biggest names in game reviews, podcasts and YouTube channels are white guys. I’m not knocking any of them. I follow many of them and they’ve got some great channels and a number of them I call friend.

But there are content creators, reviewers and YouTubers out there who aren’t straight white dudes and because they don’t have as many followers or views, they are often left out of the bigger releases. Getting an early preview of a game before it comes out can be very valuable to these reviewers and I’d like to give them a chance to do that with Coyote & Crow.

So, let’s try this again!

If you are (or know of) a person who isn’t a cis-gendered white male AND you run a channel, blog, podcast, etc. where you review games, especially role playing games, and you would like to have an early copy of Coyote & Crow, please contact me through this website. We’ll be giving out a limited number of preview copies for review and I’d really like at least 50% of them to go marginalized folks, especially Indigenous folks.

When you contact me, please link me to your channel, site, etc. Please do not contact me through Twitter or Facebook or anything else. Please do not contact me with suggestions. Instead, please contact the reviewer in question and point them to this post.

Thank you/Wado


Coyote And Crow News ||