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Ahu Tiiko is the newest project from the awarding team at Coyote & Crow Games and owner Connor Alexander (Cherokee Nation). The book is a follow up book to our original Coyote & Crow RPG and is a setting expansion compatible with the core rules. Additionally, the game is designed in such a way that you don’t need to play the game in order to enjoy the book.

Ahu Tiiko is a small village set in the northwest of Makasing and is a place full of secrets, mysteries and intrigue. With more than 40 non-playable characters to interact with, a 3D digital map of the city, dozens of mysteries to dive into, and a plethora of hidden clues, readers, players, and story guides will have a wealth of things to keep them engaged.

Running close to 300 pages, the book is chock full of art from Cree/Metis artist Jillian Dolan along with rich graphics from Nicholas Nocario. Connor Alexander has returned to be the sole writer on this project with some help from consultant David Turnipseed who is helping us add real world language and vibe to this isolated little village.

The tone of Ahu Tiiko is much darker than the core book, focusing on horror and mystery elements. In addition to the Standard version of the book, we’ll be offering a shrink wrapped version called the Night Edition that will contain more mature themed content and art.

The book will be funded through crowdfunding on Kickstarter starting on July 16th. We currently expect the book to go to print before the end of the year and deliver in the first half of 2025. After that, both versions of the book will go into full worldwide hobby distribution.

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