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It’s been a hectic year for all of us. So for this Native November, I want to take some time to celebrate everyone in Coyote & Crow’s orbit. I want to acknowledge my business partners, the artists I get to work with, the fans, the super fans, the volunteers, the writers – many of whom are Native.

Over the course of this month, we’ll be adding tons of new things to this list. We’ll publicize each thing as they happen on social media as well as updating this post here. There are going to be sales, contests, announcements, shout outs, and more.

November 1st

Native November begins! All month long, Coyote & Crow games and accessories will be on sale in our webstore and on Amazon! There are huge savings across the board.

If Amazon is your go to, head over to our Amazon page to see all the sales!

Otherwise, head over to our Webstore, where almost everything is on sale, including:

  • Our “Decolonize Your Gaming” t-shirts
  • Coyote & Crow core rulebooks
  • Stories of the Free Lands Adventures
  • Hemlock & Sage, a novel set in Coyote & Crow
  • & more!


November 2nd

Hero Forge Actual Play!

We’re excited to announce that Hero Forge, will be premiering a Coyote & Crow actual play series, Chaos in Cahokia, on their channel: You can catch the first episode at 2pm PST on Tuesday 11/7! There’s an amazing cast – Anica Seelie, Joey Clift, Kelly D’Angelo, Kitty Heite, and Matt Joro! If you want to see a fun (and funny!) play through of Coyote & Crow, this is going to be the one to watch.

November 3rd

Parternship with Start Playing to Raise Money For Illuminative

We’ve partnered with Start Playing to raise money all month for Illuminative, an Indigneous non-profit focused on social justice issues. You can learn more about the event HERE. This is a great opportunity for Story Guides to run sessions of Coyote & Crow online and raise money at the same time. It’s also a great chance for folks new to Coyote & Crow to jump into a game, make new friends, and learn to play.

November 6th

Today we launch a month long sale through our partners at Drive Thru RPG! You can get all of our digital products – the core book, Roll20VTT, Stories of the Free Lands, and our novel, Hemlock & Sage – at hugely reduced prices. Most more than 50% off!

You can check it out HERE!

November 7th

The Hero Forge actual play campaign of Coyote & Crow, “Chaos in Cahokia” launches on! You can find the episode HERE.

November 8th

We have launched our Moon Six & Hero Forge miniatures contest. You can read more The Moon Six, or head on over to our Native November Contest Channel on our Discord for the full rules and details. You can win free painted minis and you don’t have to buy anything to enter!

November 10th

Throughout Native American Heritage Month, we’ll be spotlighting various Indigenous creatives and their endeavors. Today, we’re focusing on Indiginerds: Tales From Modern Indigenous Life, a comic anthology from tons of great Native writers and artists, and edited by the super talented Alina Pete. Give it a look and support them if you can. They’ve only got a week left to crowdfund!

November 17th

We’ve partnered with POEM, a Native-owned merchandise company to launch some fantastic new products. Three acrylic 3D prints, and a metal sign based on our logo. The Jeffrey Veregge print is a little extra special as we’ll be donating all profits from it to benefit the GoFundMe page for Jeffrey, which is raising money for his fight against Lupus. Check out the new merch in our SHOP. You can also go directly donate to Jeffrey’s GoFundMe.

November 20th

We’ve got brand new Hanawi Sakpi art from resident Coyote & Crow artists Sadekaronhes Esquivel!

November 24th

We’ve made an exciting update to our donation program for Coyote & Crow. For the full details, see our blog post about it!

Thank you so much to everyone who has helped make Coyote & Crow what it is. Let’s spread that love by supporting Native artists, writers, creatives, small businesses and non-profits throughout this month.

Some of our amazing Coyote & Crow crew at Big Bad Con
With my Chief, Chief Hoskin, and his daughter, at a Cherokee Nation at-large gathering
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