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Today, 11/16, is a big one for us. Coyote & Crow Games is launching three different items!


First we have Naasii: A Coyote & Crow Dice Game. This fresh twist on a classic concept is our first step into tabletop board games. We wanted to create something that gamers and their aunties could play together and that has both elements of classic American dice games like Yahtzee along with aspects of traditional elements of Native American games of chance.

This game was designed by Connor Alexander (Cherokee Nation) with development from Daryl Andrews (of Sagrada fame!) and art from Wolf Tomoyaketu (Comanche & Apache).

You can get Naasii in the following places:


You can also get our new Story Guide Screen for the Coyote & Crow Story Guide Screen. It’s got a ton of great info inside it to help smooth your storytelling and has incredible art from Sadekaronhes Esquivel (Kanyen’kehá:ka & Mexican Indigenous).

You can get it in the following places:


Finally, we have our first novel set in the Coyote & Crow universe, Hemlock And Sage. Written by Tali Inlow (Cherokee Nation), art by Mackenzie Neal (Quapaw Nation) and edited by Heidi Billy. It’s a fantastic coming of age story set in Cahokia as two friends are undergoing the Adanadi. Their friendship is tested as things don’t go as planned and a stranger from out town needing help crashes into both of their lives.

You can get Hemlock And Sage in the following places:

I hope you enjoy all of these additions to the world of Coyote & Crow as much as I do. Please spread the love and help us keep bringing Indigenous futures to life!


Connor Alexander

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