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Siyo, folks! (<–that’s an abbreviated form of hello in Cherokee)

With Gen Con 2022 upon us, I want to talk about conventions in general, Coyote & Crow Games stance on them, and what it means for us going forward.

Let’s start with the fact that we’re a new publisher trying to make a splash. Despite our growing number of fans, we only released our very first game to the public 90 days ago! It might seem like we’ve been here for a bit, but we’re still just babies in the scheme of things. For game publishers it’s really important to establish a presence out in the world and to be seen through more than just social media channels. Conventions are a really great way to make new fans as well as strengthen relationships with current ones.

But this is 2022 after all and certain realities can’t be ignored. Here’s what we’re having to consider as we schedule all potential conventions:

  • Shipping, convention, and housing costs – all of which are rising
  • Covid – the safety of staff and fans amidst an evolving dangerous virus
  • Reproductive Rights – As a company, we’ve made a pledge to support women’s rights by not having a consumer facing booth or official company presence at gaming conventions in states where abortion is illegal
  • Sales versus costs – while we’d love to attend every convention, we have to base many of our decisions on what our potential sales might be

Currently, Gen Con 2022 is the only show we’re scheduled to attend with a consumer booth and product sales. And the truth is, if I were given the opportunity to cancel our Gen Con appearance without serious financial repercussions, I would do it. There are simply too many downsides, costs and dangers. But, at this point, it’s too late to back out, so all we can do is move forward and do the best we can.

I’m still open to at least discussing other personal, non-booth, appearances and panels. I’m having some conversations about those things with some shows currently. And if/when we launch more official organized play efforts, I’ll leave it to those folks involved if they want to partake in various conventions and take on any associated risks and costs.

For now though, I don’t feel good about scheduling any shows beyond Gen Con. I know this might be disheartening for some. And believe me, it’s disheartening for me. One of the first things I dreamed of when Coyote & Crow took off was being able to see my booth at cons and getting to chat with folks who backed us and were fans. Not to mention, conventions are where I do so much of my emotional recharging. Yes, they’re physically exhausting. But I always return from cons feeling emotionally buzzed, filled with new ideas, appreciation for new friends and time spent with old ones. They’re an important part of my gaming ecosphere.

Anyway, that’s where we are for now. If you’re interested in having me at a particular con to speak or demo, let them know. Hopefully the problems listed above will clear up at some point and C&C will be able to have a full booth and presence at many more conventions in the years to come.

Stay safe, mask up, get vaccinated/boosted, be kind.


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