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Time to Lock Addresses!

Hey folks,

After some discussions with our printers and our distribution and fulfillment teams, we’ve decided that we need to lock in all of your shipping addresses sooner rather than later. So we’re going to move to that next step based on their advice and timelines. 

On Friday, February 18th, we’ll be locking addresses. You’ll receive an automated email notice from BackerKit 48 hours before addresses lock.

For those of you new to crowdfunding,  this is the portion of the campaign where we need to make sure we have your correct address so that we can ship you your reward. I cannot state how vital this is, especially in a large campaign from such a small company.  Accurate and timely shipping is a precarious and chaotic process even under the best of circumstances. We’re working to set ourselves up for the easiest time we can, but we cannot get this done properly without your accurate addresses.

While it’s not my intention to sound like a hard ass here, I want to make some things very clear. The address we ship to is 100% on you. Our books are expensive. Shipping is expensive. You’ve had almost a year to give us your correct shipping address. Once a book is shipped to an address that you’ve provided, that’s it. There will not be a second shipment.  We will not entertain requests for corrective or replacement shipments.  Once addresses are locked – they’re locked. No change of address will be accepted from that point forward. Whatever is in your survey is where the reward is going to. 

If you need to update your address, fill out your BackerKit survey for the first time(there are still 460 of you) , or aren’t sure if you have or not:

PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME THROUGH KICKSTARTER.  Giving me your address through Kickstarter puts me in the position of making sure your address is correctly updated in BackerKit and I refuse that responsibility. You need to enter your address in BackerKit yourself.

Instructions! Please follow these easy steps:

  • If you’ve filled out your BackerKit survey and your address in that survey is accurate – you’re good! Do nothing!
  •  If you’ve filled out your BackerKit survey but believe the address may be incorrect – go into your BackerKit survey (either through your emails sent to you or through your account on the site) 
  •  If you haven’t filled out your survey, please do so immediately. By now, everyone will have received at least one email per month from BackerKit reminding them to do so. If you don’t have these emails, please contact BackerKit Support. This is important because we cannot send you any rewards, regardless of whether you put in your address initially in Kickstarter or not if you haven’t filled out your survey. 

Please go here if you have any issues:

Again, you’ll be given a notice from BackerKit 48 hours before addresses are locked. You’ll have access to your survey up until that point. 

Apologies if this sounds a bit “ranty” but I want to make sure that you all get your books in a timely and efficient manner. If any mistakes are made, I want them to be on our end, so that we can make them up to you. I can’t help you if you don’t help me. 

**We are still looking at an eventual April delivery. I’ll update folks as we have more specific timeline information.


Okay, with that said – we’re almost there! I cannot wait to get this book into your hands and eventually onto hobby store shelves!

Wado! (thanks!)

Be safe, be kind, get vaxxed, mask up


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