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Today is Indigenous People’s Day in the United States, a day that can be tough for many of us, and I thought it would be nice to surprise all of you with a huge package of Coyote & Crow material. We don’t have the full game for you – yet. That’s still on track for November, along with some of the other stretch goals and rewards.

With that said, I’m so excited to share with all of you the results of endless hours of hard work, love and deep thought from so many of us behind the scenes at Coyote & Crow. Let’s jump into all the great stuff at your fingertips as of today!

→Our YouTube channel is live! Pe Metawe Consulting have dropped their first two videos, the World of Coyote & Crow and Character Creation! They’ll have more soon. These are great at helping ease folks into the game.

You can go directly to our channel, watch the videos and subscribe for more here:

→ Our website has undergone a huge upgrade! We have a host of new features available for you. We’ll break them down one by one here:

→ Our Chahi Character name generator is live!

With this fantastic tool you can generate realistic names for your Characters and NPCs with millions of combinations and meanings!

→ Our official forums are live!

Here you can chat about many different C&C topics, interact with C&C writers and creators, post cosplay pics, discuss world building and rules, and even work on translations of the game into Indigenous languages!

→ Our official Wiki is live!

Here you can browse through Chahi words and get their translations or lookup definitions of game terms. We’ll evolve this Wiki as the game and its world expands. 

→ Our Resources Page is live!

This page will house all of our future free downloadable resources. Currently, it has two versions of our official Character sheet. A fillable PDF, and a more print friendly version! Future free files will be available on this page.

But that’s not all! 

→ Our official free mobile app is ready to go! Available for Android and iOS, this app will give you access to much of the website’s functionality, including the name generator, news feed and link to the YouTube videos, but also gives folks access to a fully functioning d12 system dice generator. It will sort your d12 rolls, allowing you to make adjustments for Focus and takes into account Criticals. For those of you having a hard time corralling a sufficient pool of d12s to play C&C, this should make life a lot easier!



We hope these tools are as exciting for you as they are for us. Our team worked very hard to push our timetable up on these and get them to you on this important date. We hope it brings a little joy into your day and your future games of Coyote & Crow.


The Coyote & Crow Team

Remember: Vaccinate, Mask Up, Be Safe

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