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This is just a brief note on the world building and setting of Coyote & Crow. The setting is built around an alternate history, one that deviated from our own real world history around the year 1400CE. From there, everything changed after a massive climate disaster. The core game focuses its storytelling lens on the people indigenous to North America and includes short descriptions of the alternate fates of the people of MesoAmerica, South America and the Caribbean Islands. Our hope is to expand out the story of those people in future tomes with writers from those areas and have them use our core book as a launching pad for telling their own alternate stories.

What we, the writers, don’t talk about is what happened to everyone else in the world. Australia, Africa, Europe, Asia, the South Pacific, none of those places features in this book. There are “in world” reasons for this that the people of our fictional Americas speculate on and you’re welcome to explore the fates of those other places as you play the game. But there are also two practical reasons for leaving them out in terms of our game creation.

First, as mentioned above, we didn’t even have enough space to be able to talk about all of the people and places in the Americas that we wanted to, let alone the rest of the world. The book is already coming in a 450 pages and I can tell you honestly, that I’m fighting every day to keep my writers from wanting to include even more content. Rarely does a day go by where I don’t say to someone, “That’s a great idea but we don’t have room in the core book. Let’s save it for an expansion.” I think. in our digital age, it’s easy for us to forget how vast North America actually is. Our core book focuses on a single city, Cahokia, because trying to fill out everything on this continent just couldn’t be done in a single book, any more than a single history book can properly capture all of history. We can, and hopefully will, create a vast collection of books that never even have to leave this continent, full of rich history, mythology and storytelling potential. And we’ll also hopefully bring you books centered around MesoAmerica, South America and the Caribbean.

But the other reason we don’t include descriptions of the history or people of the other continents in Coyote & Crow is more important. It’s not their story.

Let me say that again.

It’s not their story.

It’s really as simple as that.

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