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Mooway! (That’s Chahi for Hello!)

We’re announcing our first official Coyote & Crow public appearance for GenCon Pop-Up 2021! This event comes with a lot of stipulations and important caveats, so please read carefully!

  • Who: Anyone with a GenCon Pop-Up Badge
  • What: Anyone who wants to meet me (Connor Alexander), Derek Pounds (one of our writers), wants to buy some limited edition art prints, or play in a limited seating new adventure from Derek Pounds.
  • Where: Meeples Games in (West) Seattle (, 3727 California Ave SW #2b, Seattle, WA 98116)
  • When: Saturday, September 18 from 12pm-7pm (The booth will be there the whole time, but Derek’s adventure will run from 1pm until it finishes)

Caveat #1: COVID

We take safety seriously, as does Meeples Games. While we’d prefer you be vaccinated, the city of Seattle doesn’t currently require you to be. At the moment, we’re moving forward hesitantly with this event. However, please keep in mind that depending on the situation, the City of Seattle, Meeples Games, or Coyote & Crow may pull the plug on this event in the name of safety. This may happen as late as the day of the event. Plan accordingly.

Caveat #2 This is an official GenCon Pop-Up Event

Here is the Meeples Games information on the overall GenCon event: This means you’ll need to buy a GenCon Pop-up Badge (

Caveat #3: Limited Seating Event

The Story being run by Derek Pounds, “Bamaazi” is limited to four players and will start at 1pm and run roughly 4 hours or until it is finished. You do not need to know how to play Coyote & Crow in order to sit in, but we do ask that you be experienced in tabletop role playing games for this event. You’ll have pre-generated characters to choose from, which you’ll be able to take home.

If you are interested in playing in this event, please contact me, Connor, through our Contact form. Please put GenCon Pop-Up as the subject. Let me know you’re interested and available to play. Include a contact phone number and your full name. If we get more than four people interested, four players will be chose randomly and notified by September 15th. Two others will be given ‘back up’ slots and notified that they are on standby. The event will fire if we have at least three players. We’ll have dice available to use at the table but you’re encouraged to bring your own sets of 9d12 as well.


Caveat #4: Limited Art Prints

We will have a small amount of three different limited edition numbered art prints from the game available for sale at the table. You can purchase them as is or have them autographed if you wish. There will only be 50 of each print available and they will be $25. Cash only. Limit of 1 of each print per person. They’ll be available from 12-7pm or until they run out.

Look for this sign at the big table!

Again, we’re very wary about doing this event at all due to Covid. Everyone involved has reserved the right to cancel as they see fit. We want to have a good time and show off our game, but not at the expense of even a single person getting sick. Wearing masks is required inside Meeples Games and Coyote & Crow has a zero tolerance policy for anyone who doesn’t exhibit extreme consideration for their neighbor’s safety.

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