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Hey folks! This is going to be an ongoing post where I’ll list currently available opportunities to work with the Coyote & Crow team and help us publish great games and content. A few things I want to cover right out of the gate that are relevant to all current and future positions:

  • Native Americans/First Nations folks of all experience levels are encouraged to apply for any/all positions they feel they’re qualified for.
  • Non-Natives are welcome to apply for any positions that aren’t called out as Native only positions.
  • We pay at least competitive rates for the hobby game industry and we strive to pay better than the average.
  • All positions are short term contract positions (for now).
  • All positions are remote/work from home.
  • Please pay close attention to the application process (ignoring it will move you to the bottom of the list).
  • We prefer folks working within the United States but will consider applicants outside of the US.


We’re looking to hire artists! While we prefer Native/Indigenous graphic artists, we’re open to all applications. You need to be comfortable working in science fiction and fantasy, have a firm grasp on Indigenous features and skin tones, be able to take direction and feedback (especially if you’re non-Native), work on tight turn around times over the coming weeks and months, and have a style that fits in with the the world we’re building. You’ll be drawing characters, concept art, landscapes, actions scenes and more. We’re paying better than average fixed rates. If you’re interested in applying:

  • email coyoteandcrowrpg at gmail dot com
  • please put “Artist” as the subject line
  • please include links to appropriate or comparable work
  • please include a brief resume with relevant experience
  • please do not take it personally if we do not respond. We try to get to everyone, but we’re a small team and we get a lot of applicants for this position.

Ojibwe Game Designer

We’re looking to work with an Ojibwe game designer. You must identify as Ojibwe and be able to speak confidently about Ojibwe culture and traditions. You don’t need to have published games on your resume, but you do need to have experience in game design of some sort. This is not a position where a person with no previous experience in game design will thrive. This opportunity is a short term contract position to co-design and develop a tabletop board game with another designer. You’ll be incorporating your game design experience with your Ojibwe knowledge and creating a totally new board game, not set in the Coyote & Crow universe.

  • email coyoteandcrowrpg at gmail dot com
  • please put “Ojibwe Designer” as the subject line
  • please include appropriate links
  • please include a brief resume with relevant experience
  • Ojibwe only for this position

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