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Hey folks! This is going to be an ongoing post where I’ll list currently available opportunities to work with the Coyote & Crow team and help us publish great games and content. A few things I want to cover right out of the gate that are relevant to all current and future positions:

  • Native Americans/First Nations folks of all experience levels are encouraged to apply for any/all positions they feel they’re qualified for.
  • Non-Natives are welcome to apply for any positions that aren’t called out as Native only positions.
  • We pay at least competitive rates for the hobby game industry and we strive to pay better than the average.
  • All positions are short term contract positions (for now).
  • All positions are remote/work from home.
  • Please pay close attention to the application process (ignoring it will move you to the bottom of the list).
  • We prefer folks working within the United States but will consider applicants outside of the US.

Community Leader

This role is for an enthusiastic gamer who has a firm grasp on social media, video production and organized play. This is a part time, project based role and will lead to more and more work as the game heads toward launch. You’ll be the day to day public face for Coyote & Crow. You’ll be making how-to videos, playing streamed games, helping lead our forums and other social media, help us prepare and execute our organized play strategies. You’ll need to have a deep understanding of the game, the world building, our current and upcoming products and our company values and goals. You’ll need to have solid social media skills and the ability to produce video content.

  • email coyoteandcrowrpg at gmail dot com
  • please put “Community Leader” as the subject line
  • please include links to your relevant social media accounts
  • please include a brief resume with relevant experience, especially game or community related experience
  • please mention whether or not you’re Native


We’re hiring for Native artists! We want you to bring your vision of science fantasy, Indigipunk, and Native futurisms to Coyote & Crow. We have a wide variety of art needs still for the core book (graphic elements, characters, landscapes, technology), upcoming adventures and future products. You’ll need to be able to supply hi res digital images in a timely manner while working with and taking direction from the art director. To apply:

  • email coyoteandcrowrpg at gmail dot com
  • please put “Artist” as the subject line
  • please include links to online portfolios or to examples of your work
  • please include a brief resume with relevant experience, especially game related experience
  • please be Native/Indigenous/First Nations and mention your heritage in your email
  • If you have firm rates, please mention them. Regardless, we’ll provide our pay rates in our first email contact with you.
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