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So much happening that it’s hard to keep up. But before we get to the happy stuff, I have a confession to make because I’m trying to be as transparent with our creation process as possible.

I’m scared shitless, my friends.

In the two plus years I’ve put into this game, I’ve sunk hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars of my own money and spent so much of other people’s time, that it’s becoming somewhat of a juggernaut. So as we hurtle toward our Kickstarter and numbers and budgets and business calls begin to take up more of my time and I have less to spend on creative content, trusting my team to take on that load, I’m growing more unsettled.

It’s not because the game isn’t great. It is. It’s not because I think I don’t have support. I know I do. It’s that, especially in the era of Covid and Trump, things are less certain than ever. I’m lucky enough to have a job right now and a roof over my head. But I’m by no means rich and I never have been. The fact that I’ve been able to sink my savings into Coyote and Crow is a luxury made all the more surreal that I’ve never had a savings account until about four years ago.

I guess I’m saying this because I just want you all to know that while I have every belief in the world I’ve created, my team, and all of the folks who are clamoring for our game, please know that underneath it all I feel like I’m strapping myself to the nose cone of a rocket headed for orbit.

Thanks for letting me vent. On to the awesome updates!

  • We’ve brought on a Kickstarter manager and we believe we’re narrowing down the window for when we’ll launch. (Squee! It’s pretty soon! If you haven’t signed up for notifications, please do so on the right hand column where it says Keep In Touch.)
  • I’m in final discussions with both an editor and someone to do layouts and I’m very excited at the possibility of bringing them both on board.
  • Today, I start work on scripting our Kickstarter video which is going to rock.
  • I’ve got great new writing coming in from the team this month.
  • We’ll soon be starting blind playtesting. I’ve given the materials to a Native with RPG experience, who wasn’t part of the team up until now and they’ll be running a one off adventure with some totally fresh faces. Excited to find out what they can break!
  • We’ve received more finished art and the cover itself is well on its way and folks, is it amazing.

So yeah, we’ll likely have big news right after the new year and maybe some fun stuff before then! You’re going to be hearing a lot more from us in 2021!

I’m going to leave you with this great new piece of art from Jennifer Lange. This is our first look at a look backwards in time from where the players would enter the game. This is about sixty years prior during the All Tribes War. It was a bitter, bloody war that helped solidify the current treaties and borders and helped shape modern biases and prejudices.

Coyote and Crow. Warriors during the All Tribes War.

Until next time, stiyu (stay strong)


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