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Coyote and Crow needs an art partner and we are hiring! Are you an artist who is looking for work and is interested in more than one off contract jobs? Read on! (And please feel free to share this post far and wide)

Although we have some stunning art already, we’re now looking to bring on a true lead artist for Coyote and Crow. Someone who can work with the team to create a unified vision for our project and who can tackle the vast majority of the art for the book. This will mean more than just going where we point you. This will mean bringing your own imagination and ideas to the table. Help us visualize this incredible Indigenous future!

What are we looking for? Lots of things. I’ll cover what’s required first, then talk about preferences.


  • An ability to produce print quality images on a consistent schedule that speak to the Indigenous future that Coyote And Crow presents.
  • An ability to take feedback and constructive criticism from myself and our other First Nations team members.
  • The availability to work on a number of pieces leading up to our Kickstarter, which is planned for later this year and the time to tackle all of the art needed once we successfully fund.
  • The skill to do landscapes, characters and concept art. You’ll be doing a wide array of pieces.
  • The willingness to sign a firm contract which will specify specs and completion dates for required art.

Here are a list of things that aren’t “must haves” but are preferred:

  • Have First Nations heritage. Any tribe, any status. It’s not a deal breaker if you’re not Native, but it’s obviously our first choice. We also encourage all marginalized folx to apply as well. We want diverse voices in our game.
  • Have a background and/or familiarity with tabletop role playing games, board games, geek culture, sci-fi, fantasy, and all the media and tropes those cultures include.
  • Have a prior history of work in RPGs, games, comics, etc.
  • Have a familiarity with Kickstarter.

What’s in this for you? Coyote and Crow is looking to be a large book and the total art could be upwards of 100 pieces. A good amount of those could be yours to do, including the cover. Pay is important and we value your time and work. We can discuss what you need for compensation, keeping in mind that there would be two blocks of time and effort here, pre and post Kickstarter, both of which you’d be paid for. The better we lock things down pre-Kickstarter, the more budget we’ll have post-Kickstarter.

So, if you’re still reading along and you’re still interested, please do check out this post: The Aesthetics of Coyote and Crow and this post: Our Statement of Intent

Then, go to our contact page and drop me a message. Please include links to your art, other projects you’ve worked on, any industry references you might have, and pertinent personal background information. I’ll respond to you shortly.

Thank you for your interest and for sharing this post!

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