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Osiyo! As I write this, my mind is really not very focused on Coyote and Crow development. It’s on my fellow Natives and my Black brothers and sisters who are out fighting for their very survival. I’m doing my best to keep momentum going though, as I feel like we need hopeful, positive portrayals of people of color in games, now more than ever. But it ain’t easy.

Here’s where we’re at:

  • We’ve got an artist working on the cover for the game currently. I’m very excited for where it’s headed and so far he and I have really been communicating well.
  • Travis Roberts and Weyodi Squid continue to do fantastic supplemental writing and are really helping to round out the flavor of the world.
  • I’ve already got completed art from three different Native artists (Elijah Forbes, Jeffrey Verrege and Kyle Charles)
  • I’ve got maps from Janice Sheen, who I intend to bring back for a massive Cahokia city map, post Kickstarter.
  • We’ve got our logo locked in, thanks to Barbara Schelling.
  • I’ve had four successful alpha tests of the game and am now scheduling our fifth, which will be made up of all Native players.
  • I’m approaching 100k words of content for the book so far and am currently fleshing out details of Skills and Abilities.
  • I’m currently looking to hire someone who can organize, build and manage my Kickstarter, as that is an aspect of the industry that I have almost no knowledge of.
  • I’m hesitant to put a date or timeline down for our Kickstarter, but if I had to throw a dart, it would be some time in October.
  • I’ve got my website up and running (obviously), thanks to the incredible help of Chris Likins!
  • I’ve also got some other irons in the fire that I’m not quite ready to unveil yet, but they are helping to keep my enthusiasm up.

That’s all for now. More news as it develops. Stiyu! Black Lives Matter. Native Lives Matter.

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