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Welcome To Coyote & Crow Games

The Latest News

We’ve been busy over here at Coyote & Crow Games and the month of August has been incredibly kind to us! Here’s a summary of everything going on:


Coyote & Crow Games webstore is open! You can buy:

You can also purchase through our Amazon store!

DriveThruRPG has Coyote & Crow the Roleplaying Game as a PDF as well! And we’ve launched our community content tools, Coyote & Crow Fireside. Now you can write your own Stories, fiction, equipment, Icons & Legends and more. You can even sell them on the DTRPG marketplace. Click HERE for more.

General Information

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Coyote & Crow Games is a tabletop game publisher dedicated to bringing fantastic games to your table while also raising the voices, ideas, perspectives, and imagination of Indigenous creatives throughout the game industry. Coyote & Crow the roleplaying game, is a multiple award winning and nominated sci-fi and fantasy tabletop role playing game set in a First Nations alternate future where colonization never happened. This game was created and lead by an all Native team. In March 2021, Coyote & Crow became one of the most successful role playing games to ever fund on Kickstarter, raising more than $1 million dollars. For more information about Coyote & Crow LLC, please see the About page. To get in touch with us, please see our Contact page.